The team behind Schools For Future

We are running this site voluntarily because the crimate crisis is the most important issue to care about in our lifetime - and yet most people are unware of its urgency. To solve this crisis, the society must be urgently enlightened at scale. Schools are distributed most widely accross society and we are commited to facilitate that students, teachers and parents alike explain to others in their schools the societal and political changes that are necessary now. All of this needs to be based on the most current scientific knowledge.

Mia Knowing about the climate emergency and the danger it brings to human life and health I could not start working as a medical intern after finishing my studies last summer. I´m convinced that education about the climate catastrophe is a key factor towards the wellbeing of human existance. I love to participate in raising the awareness of our need to act now on a political and personal level.
— Mia
Ivan After informing myself about the climate change in 2019 thanks to Greta Thunberg and many others, I couldn't continue my life as it was looking at my children and imaging what they would ask me in the future, like "knowing about the consequences, you didn't try to stop it?!"
— Ivan has been an entrepreneur, programmer and vice-chairman of an European association of SMEs for many years.