FAQ - Schools For Future

Why Schools For Future?

We need a majority in the population that is aware of the extent of the climate crisis. Only then can society as a whole demand and accept the necessary changes for a CO2-neutral economy.

It is our younger generations who will be particularly affected by climate change. That is why they are a powerful force calling for action now. Many parents take their children's concerns seriously. Schools are also a way of reaching parents and thus an even larger part of society.

With the help of this platform, locally effective teams can be formed at all schools to ensure that climate education takes place at each one. We have also already uploaded some free slides and presentations that can be used and extended by everyone. Also other climate projects, workshops etc. should be available for everyone and collected together. So we can support each other.

Who can register?

Registration at Schools For Future is open to anyone who would like to be part of a school team. Whether students, teachers, parents, former graduates of the school, people from the school's surroundings...

The goal is to build an effective team at each school, which ensures that effective climate education takes place at this one school.

In addition, people who want to conduct climate education outside schools also benefit. After registration, the existing slides can be combined to create custom presentations. Suitable additional content on the website can also be uploaded and made available to others.

How do we form school teams?

After registering with Schools For Future there is the possibility to become part of an existing school team or to add a new one to the map and start it.

Registered adults can contact each other directly via the website and start working as a team. For security reasons, students in a team can only be reached via the respective schools and personal contacts.

If school teams here at Schools For Future are registered, we can quickly share with them materials and concepts that have proven their worth and provide feedback in the form of improved content.

School teams that have registered on the website act as free teams and represent neither their school nor the policies of their management.

Any other questions?

If you have further questions about the idea of Schools For Future, feel free to contact us.