Rising awareness of the climate emergency in all schools

‒Winning support of all society with easy and effective climate education‒

Our vision


We can only achieve our climate protection goals if we have the support of society. Angela Merkel

To overcome the climate crisis, the mayority of society must be aware of the problem. We can achieve this with climate education in all schools.


All we need to do is each of us being part of a team in a school or support one, and motivate others to do the same: explain the climate emergency.

With this we aim for a chain reaction and exponential growth.


We provide a broad collection of materials to be used freely. We are constantly improving them together with partners.

You can also help with materials for the school teams.

We are at the beginning of a climate catastrophe. Science has long warned of the already visible consequences of global heating.

Because the majority of politics, business and society do not implement the necessary changes quickly enough, Schools For Future aims to inform about the comprehensive but necessary social changes.

Schools are the epicenters from which the entire society can be effectively reached.

At Schools For Future everyone can contribute to the transformation with very little effort: children, adolescents and young adults, their parents, grandparents and teachers, as well as scientific supporters and local associations.