Schools For Future

Educating about the climate crisis and effective measures until they are enforced.


Easily getting more active together. The planet needs us right now.

Register, find your school on the map and meet others to carry out projects with. Or add your school yourself in the map if missing. It's nothing official, don't worry. In this way you will find support at your school. And by sharing your experiences and ideas, we all become better together. Schools For Future helps you.


Explaining the global climate crisis in all schools of the world.

Help explaining the climate crisis to everyone. People are not evil, they are just not aware. Schools are everywhere. Join us and convince others to do so. Collaboratively we can reach all parts of the world, with each of us just focusing on her or his school and motivating others to do the same. Let's aim for a chain reaction and exponential growth.


We share materials and become increasingly more effective.

In Schools For Future you can find all the necessary information and materials. We collect slides, talk examples and much more for your convenience. You can also help with it for everyone else.

We are at the beginning of a climate catastrophe. Science has long warned of the already visible consequences of global heating. Because the majority of politics, business and society do not implement the necessary changes quickly enough, Schools For Future aims to inform about the comprehensive but necessary social changes. Schools are the epicenters from which society can be effectively reached.

At Schools For Future everyone can contribute to the transformation with very little effort: children, adolescents and young adults, their parents, grandparents and teachers, as well as scientific supporters and local associations.

An initiative of Teachers For Future Germany, Parents For Future Germany and collaborators.

Scientist warns, politicians and businessmen ask to tell people, not them