Schools For Future

Educating about the climate catastrophe and effective measures until they are enforced.

We are at the beginning of a climate catastrophe. Science has long warned of the already visible consequences of global heating. Because the majority of politics, business and society do not implement the necessary changes quickly enough, Schools For Future aims to inform about the comprehensive but necessary social changes. Schools are the epicenters from which society can be effectively reached.

At Schools For Future everyone can contribute to the transformation with very little effort: children, adolescents and young adults, their parents, grandparents and teachers, as well as scientific supporters and local associations.

Getting active together

After the secure registration at Schools For Future all those who want to learn, work or collaborate at a particular school are networked in order to carry out effective projects together with a minimum of time. You can e.g. organise a lecture which is held by a person registered as a scientist. For this purpose, materials are provided and suitable lecturers are recommended, which can be enquired about automatically.

Map and calendar

Educational institutions such as schools, sports clubs and universities can be found on a meaningful map. At Schools For Future registered persons can be addressed without having to publish their contact details. Planned events can be seen on a map as well as on a calendar.

Proven project packages

Schools For Future has effective and compelling project descriptions to make it much easier for teachers to effectively explain the state of our planet. Projects can be supplemented and evaluated with reports of experiences so that everyone can effectively learn from each other what works best.

Scientist warns, politicians and businessmen ask to tell people, not them