CO2 Emissions per capita 2016


Jan. 20, 2020, 2:55 p.m.

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The Kyoto Protocol was the first serious effort to not only acknowledging a role of humans in global warming, but to also implement measures to reducing this impact caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Since then, carbon emissions have been rising constantly, largely fuelled by considerable economic growth. CuraƧao has the highest emission of Carbon per capita (45 tons per year), followed by Qatar (38 t/y), Trinidad and Tobago (25 t/y), Kuwait (25 t/y) and the United Arab Emirates (23t/y). Overall 25 countries have Carbon emissions of more than 10 tons per capita. Greenland has lowest Carbon emissions per capita, followed by the Faroer Islands, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Mali. Overall more than 60 countries have per capita Carbon emissions lower than 1 ton per year. More on
CO2 Emissions per capita 2016
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