Projects to enlighten

“People aren't evil, they're just not aware”

‒ Greta Thunberg

Climate Action Week

The Climate Action Week offers all students in a school the opportunity to understand the significance of the climate crisis in an age-appropriate way. Teachers can easily incorporate a wide range of multimedia activities into their lessons without any additional effort.


Give a talk yourself in a class or the school auditorium. Convince others to also do so in their schools. See examples of talks for inspiration.

Scientific Lecture

Speak with your school principal about organizing a lecture in the school auditorium hold by an invited scientist.

Either you or the school principal can ask for the availability of a scientist.

  • For Germany, Austria and Swizerland contact one of the scientists listed at: Scientst4Future
  • For Sweden, contact: Researchers Desk
  • Do you know of other contacts?

Soon more projects and materials here. Collaboration welcome. More suggestions on