Team of the Climate Action Week

We help to ensure that the climate crisis is understood and acted upon. Be part of it.

Ivan F. Villanueva B.
After informing myself about the climate change in 2019 thanks to Greta Thunberg and many others, I couldn't continue my life as it was looking at my children and imaging what they would ask me in the future, like "knowing about the consequences, you didn't try to stop it?!"
Ivan has been an entrepreneur, programmer and vice-chairman of an European association of SMEs for many years.
Mia Mangei
Knowing about the climate emergency and the danger it brings to human life and health I could not start working as a medical intern after finishing my studies. I´m convinced that education about the climate catastrophe is a key factor towards the wellbeing of human existance. I love to participate in raising the awareness of our need to act now on a political and personal level.
Karina Demeisi
As parents, we have the responsibility to create a safe home for our children. Let's help our children understand and protect the earth as a unique home for all children!
Karina Demeisi is a mother of two children and active at ParentsForFuture Berlin.
Lena Schiller
I carry the hope for a livable and happy future, also for the children of future generations and I am actively part of the change I wish for our world. Since a few years, I feel moved to work for a fundamental change, towards a sustainable society. The knowledge about the climate crisis and the current findings (e.g. about the remaining CO2 budget), strengthen my commitment for the health of our earth and my determination to act.
Lena Schiller is a therapist, mother of 4 children and school founder.
Co-authors of the teaching materials
Ilka Friedrich
Years ago, I wished that teachers would get together to develop material for schools on this important topic of the "climate crisis". This wish has now become reality!
Ilka Friedrich is a teacher at a high school.
Harald Thielen-Redlich
The opponents of effective climate protection often pose as fighters for freedom. When freedom has such friends, it no longer needs enemies. Because the freedom of one generation ends where that of the next begins. Developing the necessary skills to cope with the climate crisis is impossible without ESD.
Harald Thielen-Redlich ist Lehrer für Chemie und Biologie am Privaten St.-Josef-Gymnasium im Eifelkreis.
Inger Holndonner
Many middle school and high school students show interest in the topic of climate change. As a classroom teacher, however, I have found that most of the material available is not aimed at my students. That is why I am involved in the Climate Action Week, in order to open up access to this complex topic for my students as well.
Inger Holndonner is a mother of three and a teacher who, after three degrees and more than 10 years as a freelance geographer, has found her home at a Bavarian secondary school (subject combination: D/E/GPG/NT/WiB/Ku).
Markus Ibold
The dual crisis of climate and species extinction continues to play a subordinate role in the school curriculum that does not begin to do justice to its magnitude. This is not because too few solutions have been developed. On the contrary, solutions are plentiful, most of them are well researched and very exciting for the classroom. Strangely enough, however, teachers hardly find any teaching material on the subject. I would like to make my contribution to change this.
Markus is a teacher of chemistry and biology at a high school in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. He is also the father of two children.
Gisa Schütze
Unfortunately, climate change will increasingly affect our lives. In order to slow it down, we need to act now and support children and young people in (further) developing an awareness of this.
Gisa Schütze is a mother of two and a teacher at a support center and is committed to bringing the topic of sustainability more into schools.